Top 5 Concept Cars in Tokyo Auto Show 2011

Top 5 Concept Cars in Tokyo Auto Show 2011

Here is the latest concept car designs which rocks in the Tokyo auto show of 2011 also gave a reasonable value to the surface of japan. These concepts are awesome. I published the Top 5 concept cars of this auto show with their images and also a little information which is related to the cars. I also published the recent Most Auto shows. Frankfurt Auto Show 2011 | Chicago Auto show 2011New York Auto Show 2011 . Hope you all like this Concept cars. Let’s have a look on the post.

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Honda Small Sports EV Concept

honda Small Sports EV Concept toyko auto show 2011

Honda Advanced Cruiser eXperience cockpit

honda concepts in tokyo auto show 2011

About Honda Small Sports EV Concept

Honda used Japan to show his small new concept car. The “mini vehicle,” electric sports car, will be shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month.
The Small Sports EV Concept is an electric car it is designed to be fun to drive, while at the same time producing very few emissions. The car has jagged, angular lines, and looks to be a two-seat affair with a targa-style roof opening. Expect more specifications to emerge as the show grows closer.

2012 Nissan Pivo3 Concept

2012 concept cars in tokyo auto show 2011

nissan 2012 concept car interior in tokyo auto show 2011

tokyo auto show 2011

About 2012 Nissan Pivo3 Concept

Nissan has pulled the wraps off of its newest concept for the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s a funky electric city car called the Pivo3.
Inside, the Pivo3 uses a so-called Robotic Agent that functions like a voice-activated personal assistant. Rear-view mirrors have been replaced with cameras – a good idea, considering the driver is placed in the center of three seats, and away from where conventional mirrors would be located. The Pivo3, like its predecessors, is Nissan’s vision of a future where the already-sparse parking situation in most cities is even tighter. The car uses an all-electric powertrain with in-wheel motors, and a comically tight steering rack: Nissan says the Pivo3 can make a complete U-turn on a 13-foot-wide street, but that if you really crank the wheel, the Pivo has a turning radius of a shade under seven feet. This should make the Pivo3 easy to park, although the car is capable of parking itself. The Pivo3 is designed to work with future infrastructure that theoretically allows it to autonomously drive itself through parking lots and garages
This system called Automated Valet Parking.

Suzuki Q-Concept

Suzuki Q Concept in tokyo auto show 2011

Suzuki Q Concept in tokyo auto show 2011

About Suzuki Q-Concept

Suzuki intrduce it’s Amazing and Beautiful concept in Tokyo Auto Show, we expect from this car to offer a 12.4-mile EV range, and utilize a 660-cc three-cylinder engine as a range-extending generator. We wouldn’t be too surprised to learn the only difference between the earlier concept and this are some cosmetic details, including flashy wheels, new headlamps, and modified grille inserts.

Toyota Fun-Vii

Toyota Fun Vii Concept images in tokyo auto show

tokyo auto show in 2011

tokyo auto show in 2011 images information

About Toyota Fun-Vii

The “Vii” in Fun-Vii stands for Vehicle, interactive, internet, according to Toyota. The car has been designed to be a personal display space, with the body panels and interior able to double as display screens. Outside, the driver can change the car’s color at whim; the interior is made up of multiple screens with augmented reality displays. Toyota has also included a “navigation concierge” that uses voice commands to give information and directions, as well as an internet connection to download the latest software updates.

Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

subaru in tokyo auto show in 2011

subaru advanced tourer concept in tokyo auto show

concepts cars in tokyo auto show 2011 images

About Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

The Advanced Tourer Concept also makes use of a new hybrid powertrain. A direct-injection, turbocharged 1.6-liter boxer-four-cylinder is paired with a single electric motor through a continuously variable transmission. Details are fleeting, but Subaru says the system is used in combination with its Symmetrical All-wheel-Drive system
There is a full-length glass roof to brighten the cabin, and passengers will each have their own floating captain’s chair. Subaru has integrated a screen into the steering wheel to display maps, internet, and other telematics. The concept is also equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight Version 2 driver assistance system that includes things like active cruise control, emergency braking, and lane departure warning.

Courtesy: Automobilemag

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