Easy Tips to Cool Down your Car Radiator

Easy Tips to Cool Down your Car Radiator

Here is an article in which I published the tips related to the Engine overheating. Engine overheating is a signal of another problem, Which is usually low coolant level caused by a leak, an inoperative cooling fan or a bad radiator. We have to check the level of coolant not only when we are ready for the long drive but also after two days. Because this is the minor problem but this problem create a chain of problem easily, So we have to do all the precaution for saving our car from such these problems. Lets read the steps of this article, Hope you all like that and also do these precautions for your cars.

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Things Which Helps You in this Scenario.

how to solve the radiator problem

  • A Pair of Gloves, (Helps you to save your hands from the Hot Coolant & Steam)
  • A Funnel, (Helps you to fill the Coolant Reservior)
  • Coolant.
  • Patience.

The most important thing is to turn off the car before the overheating does any damage.


Finding Safe Place

Immediately find safe place to park on the side of the road.

Turning on Flashers

Turn on your signals and/or flashers to indicate you are pulling off the road.

Diverting the Heat

Turn on the heater and the heater blower to high to transfer heat from the engine. This may help, but only if the problem is a broken fan or fan belt.Turn off the engine and Open the hood.


Check the coolant level by looking at the coolant reservoir Because coolant reservoir has mark on it.

Be Aware

Don’t try to open the radiator cap Because the engine is hot. The radiator is under pressure, and hot coolant could seriously burn you. Wait for the engine to cool before opening the tank to add coolant.


This may take up to 20 minutes.

Filling Coolant

Use a funnel to add coolant to the reservoir if the level is below the low line. Always wait for the engine to cool down before opening the radiator cap. When everything is full, visit your mechanic right away to find and repair the leak.

Another Way

If problem continuously existing, you have a more complicated problem in the cooling system  and you should have to call a tow truck.

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