Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Today, I present the new and informative article for our readers. This article is based on advantages and disadvantages of Electric cars. Now a day demand of electric cars is increase. Different sources of energy generate. So most of the automobile manufacturer move towards the Electric cars. Automakers are confident that advances in technology will ensure that the next generation of electric cars will satisfy. In this article we discuss Pro and Cons of Electric Cars in a very easy way for our readers and understand easily. I hope you like my effort. Please comment, if you have any question regarding this article.

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Many automakers have plans to produce electric cars also known as an electric vehicle (EV). In the previous years EVs never gained popularity and had notoriously poor performance because of the short battery life and long recharge times. But automakers are confident that advances in technology will ensure that the next generation of electric cars will satisfy the needs of today’s drivers.

Electric cars have both advantages and disadvantages as an alternative mode of transportation.

Advantages of  an Electric cars

Availability of electricity

Number one advantage is that the electricity is everywhere and easy to come by. We do not need to set up electricity stations on the corner to re-charge our cars. It can be done at home.

Savings of money

You can plug the car into any outlet of the proper voltage or at home and charge the car. Electricity is much cheaper than gas, and the savings will be dramatic.

Environment Friendly

Electric cars give off no emissions. Electric cars are even better than hybrids in this regard. Hybrids running on gas give off emissions, while electric cars are totally 100 percent free of pollutants. So they are environment friendly.

Require less maintenance

Electric cars require less maintenance. So not only will the owner save money on gas purchases but there will be less maintenance costs.

Easy to assemble

Electric cars are very easy to assemble. They have few moving parts so they require less time and effort to put together. So in this way they are the savers of time too.


They are safer than the gasoline cars or the car powered by patrol. They are also safer in an accident.


Electric cars are much more efficient compared to gasoline-powered cars. Electric motors use most of their stored energy to propel the car; a gasoline engine uses between 20 and 30 percent of its heat energy to move the car, while the cooling system and exhaust systems dissipate the rest.

Disadvantages of an Electric cars

Several economic and environmental disadvantages also stand out, here are some of them.

Silence leads to accidents

Even though it is a quiet ride, silence can be seen as a disadvantage. People like to hear cars when they are coming up behind them or beside them, and you can’t hear if an electric car is near you. This has been known to lead to accidents.

Less driving range

One charge on a battery can take the car approximately 160 km. Therefore if you plan on traveling a long distance this is not the car to use.

Limited Service Facilities

The number of service facilities is limited, which makes it difficult for some electric car owners to bring their vehicles in for repairs if they bought their car out of state.

Long time to recharge car batteries

These cars take a lot of time to recharge their batteries. So it is very time consuming as well and it takes hours to recharge.

Few Models

The number of available all-electric car models is limited. Consumers expecting to buy an electric car with the standard features and passenger capacity they expect from an average gasoline-powered car will have to spend more money on them.

Bulk and Weight

Battery packs are large and take up significant car space.

Battery cost

The great battery packs usually are expensive and could need to be changed one or more times.

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